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Concrete Cutting / Coring in Saskatoon

A-Woll Services Ltd. in Saskatoon also provides concrete cutting and coring services for both residential and commercial properties. Concrete cutting and coring is used in the repair and rehabilitation of concrete floors, asphalt parking lots, and roadways to name a few applications. We complete a large portion of our work on highways and airports to create smooth driving surfaces and runways, but have also done work for stadiums, baseball fields, hospitals, large parking structures, and more.


Concrete coring uses core drills with diamond bits to cut holes from ½” to an unlimited diameter and depth. We apply our concrete coring services in Saskatoon to walls, ceilings, roofs, bridges, tunnels, and road surfaces. The holes drilled during the coring process are used to route cables, conduit pipes, and wires through demolition, new construction, or renovations. Coring is also used in the creation of manholes, installation of plumbing or electrical lines, or to pull a sample of concrete for testing.


worker cutting a concrete road

There are several types of concrete cutting we have the capability to complete, including flat sawing, wall sawing, and hand sawing. Flat sawing concrete cutting can be used to level out damaged pavement, provide control joints, or lay underground wires and pipes. Wall sawing is typically used in create vertical or horizontal cuts in wall and doorway openings, tunnel and dam work, bridge modifications, and industrial silo openings. Hand sawing, powered gas engine, electric, or hydraulics, is used to saw window openings, cut bridge decks, or cut a trench in a residential garage for gas line relocation. We can break, remove, or demolish concrete to complete new concrete projects for residential and commercial properties.

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